+PV Net Metering

Projects of distributed generation with different pricing methods and generation-consumption

Application scenarios for photovoltaic systems with net metering

Pricing methods, control and consumption and generation monitoring:

Immediate consumption: The connection is made within the supply connection of the client. All or most of the solar generation is immediately consumed and the remaining one is sold or discounted in agreement with the distributing company and the current regulations.

Hourly rate pricing(busy hours and off-peak hours):The highest consumption and rate hours with the maximum solar generation are managed and priced. A price for excess generation is settled with the distributing company if there is any.

Pure Netting and Double Pricing: The network connection is made independently of the customer’s and parallel to the connection point. The generation and the use are priced and/or netted separately in agreement with the distributing company.

Community owner system: The generation system can be centralized and/or distributed. Only with the latter can any form of pricing be applied, whereas with the centralized one must be managed with the building’s general consumption or with that of the common areas.

Virtual Net metering: The generation and consumption are in two separate connection points. However, it is possible to price it for netting the energy between them.

Residential Projects