+PV Hybrid

Energy diversification is the future; the technology that is capable of adapting to other sources of energy and to the generation-recharge balance will be the one that will take the lead. The photo-voltaic one shows that flexibility, and all the conversion process is carried out using power electronics; without any mechanical process, which is why the output response is immediate.

Hybrid Generation Applications +pv+diesel+eolian+thermo+hydro

As well as our photo-voltaic plant, we add control, management systems and SCADA monitoring, and depending on the conditions and needs, storage equipment may be added in order to keep the system stable and the charge-generation relation.

The final purpose behind hybrid generation is saving the most expensive generation source (diesel or coal) and/or compensate the lack of generation from another source that is dependent of a natural resource in a given moment (sun and air), thus ensuring the supply at all times.