About us

Maspv Panamá was conceived for offering specific solutions to the electric power supply needs that use photo-voltaic solar energy as their source in industrial and commercial use.

Our Objective

Establish our company as a worldwide reference in the growth, engineering and construction of energetic efficiency through the use of clean and environment-friendly energy. Our I+D+i (Engineering Development and Innovation) invests in applications that seek to give support to the implementation of electrical vehicles and architectural integration solutions (BIVP)


Our international operation area covers the development of projects in Latin America, Europe and Japan. Our current assets reaches the amount of 500 MW, which are distributed all over Chile, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico and Japan. Our headquarters are located in Madrid, Panama and Tokio, whereas our main headquarters is in Hong Kong, from where all the projects are coordinated with their local and international partners.

Our Local Position

+PV Energy is a leading company in each of the countries where it operates, and we count with years of experience, the Know-How, our collaborator staff, cutting-edge technology and the financial support put in the negotiation table, in order to make the most ambitious projects happen when it comes to the photo-voltaic spectrum.

We are present in: